Recession talk , rate cut and fat wallets

Stocks for recession times

Today i read a article in the newspaper  about stocks that would perform better in the current conditions. It says in these recessionary times. stocks that have   ample  funding to get buy already are looking good.So dump all those penny stocks and get some real quality stocks now.

And yes what may those stocks  be ??

The report goes on to say , Bhp Billiton , Telstra , Santos , origin energy  and wa newspapers ( the west Australian) are   having nice fat wallets  at the moment  when the others are scouring for  loose change.

So what do we do , do we go ahead and sink our teeth into these  beauties??

If stock picking was so simple  then  every tom dick and harry would be making a killin!!

Take a moment here  !! think !!

where are metal prices heading ? how is that gonna effect Bhp?

what’s the future  holding for  Telecommunication sector??

Will  energy  still be in big demand in 2 years .. will prices hold ??

Will people stop buying newspapers and magazines ??

Well if you have a fair idea  to all these Q  , and  they have a nice fat wallet to  ride out  these  big waves …. what are you waiting for .. Now’s the time to dip into your wallet and make a killing!! who cares about the recession !!


what will the next rate cut be ?

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