Budget Blues australia

The australian budget 2009 is out, and as every budget does this one will to – “ Make some people happy and some people Not SO happy”. $22 billion is gonna be one of the big spens on infrastructure building.

Budgets can never be made to please everybody.So there will be the people who are pissed off and the people who are happy , and i do know the latter would surely be the pensioners. After all the hula bula going on in the media , 7 news , Channel 10 News and all other australian tv channels about the pensioners getting a raw deal and below the poverty line etc. they have managed to gets Rudd’s attention and dealt a winner.

So how its gonna effect us normal people trading on the stock market and looking to make a extra buck. Well for one we know there is a massive amount earmarked for the infrastructure spend by the government . So whos gonna be affected by this.

One of my favorite stocks come to mind Leighton Holdings . i would be definitely keeping a close eye on this one and if i was you maybe getting some of these if i had some extra cash at the moment.

Other companies worth keeping in your watch list

  • Lend lease
  • Macmohan Holdings
  • Macquarie infrastructure fund ( Infrastructure funds )
  • Babcock and Brown infrastructure ( infrastructure funds )

Infrastructure companies Australia


Yesterday the “Australian Financial review” ran a Article regarding the same news as above in the “market wrap column” .It said that The $22 billion earmarked for infrastructure spending will definetly give a boost to construction and related mining compnaies and leighton holding was said to benefit from it. Among other companies mentioned that might also benefit from this big $$ spending are also

Leighton Holdings Limited is an Australia-based company. The Company, along with its subsidiaries, operates in the infrastructure, resources and property markets. Principal activities of the Company within these markets are construction, contract mining, property development and other services (including environmental, telecommunications, and operations and maintenance). Australia/Pacific involves operations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region in all business segments. Asia involves operations predominantly in Hong Kong and Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, the Gulf and the Philippines. The principal activities undertaken in this region are construction, contract mining, property development and other services (including environmental, telecommunications and operations and maintenance

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