The chinese mob will be eyeing Juniors

The chinese mob will be back and  soon even before you know it .They got deep pockets and this time they definetly wont be looking towards rio tinto or bhp direction. Junior Miners  and iron ore miners are going to reap the benefits

RIO TINTO  AND BHP LED US BACK MUCH HIGHER INTO THE REVIVAL OF THE STOCK MARKET. But from now on it will be the junior miners who will be  most likely to gain from here. The chinese have been rebuked and they will be hunting to  get them some easy prey and the juniors will be having the last laugh. Fortesque  Metals (FMG ) one of the larger iron ore miners after bhp and rio tinto  has already reaped the  benefit of this latest development  with a big jump in their share prices  and it expected  to shore up more contracts.

Junior Iron ore miners

I sat down  to review my portfolio and … ouch!  What a mess! Red everywhere; some of the stocks were down 50% and more. Statistics say only four or five out of 2000 companies on the ASX rose last year. Four or five in 2000.

The Chinese are expected to use the global financial crisis to secure stakes in WA mining companies.A stock market analyst says the global economic crisis is likely to encourage Chinese investment in some of the state’s junior miners.

But now is the time the market is rising and probably on the mend(fingers crossed) WE have to look forward, not behind us.

One of the fundamental axioms of investing – that you could simply hold a good allocation of ASX20 stocks and watch them go up, and that if all else failed the dividends would see you right – has now been proven to be wrong.

Some of the Junior Miners Stocks worth Buying Holding or Keeping in your watch list are

Atlas iron  (AGO )

Mount Gibson Iron ( MGX )

BC iron

Gindalbie metals (GBG)

Fortesque Metals (FMG )

Junior Miners

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