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Penny stocks do carry a certain appeal for many different kinds of investors. Chances are though, a new investor looking for a potentially lucrative investments with a fairly low entry price will run across the penny stock. The allure comes in the fact that at such low prices any changes are often measurable in hundreds of percent in a given day or two.

An investor’s penny hopeful stock value can literally become worth double or even triple the original investment amount.

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Apparently low-stake and low-load, penny stocks can be quite risky because prices move too often. That is the reason why most wise stock market investors avoid them, even when money is there to be made in this market. High risks exist in these because of their wildly fluctuating prices. Hence the first tip to create wealth with penny stocks is: try to get into investing in these stocks if you have prudence and low tolerance limits.

You may feel especially attracted to these, since it is possible to put small money in search of high returns. In that case you must try to know the company the stocks represent carefully and extensively. And only then can you expect big money from your penny stock.


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Try the ASX online courses. These courses are easy to complete and will help you understand the risks and benefits of the sharemarket. 

Investment clubs

Investment clubs can provide a great way to learn about the sharemarket.  An investment club is a group of people who meet regularly to discuss the sharemarket and wider economy and pool together some of their surplus cash to invest in the share market. This common interest in investing may bring together friends, families, neighbours or work colleagues.

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