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Our Nearmap (NEA.ASX) pick  has  jumped  up since our last stock pick of this stock @ 0.070 however it has dropped from recent  higher levels due to the current market downturn due to “corona virus” and “oil wars”.

Below is some of the stocks we are keen on picking up at the right price.

  • APX
  • FMG
  • EML
  • TPM
  • CAN
  • BHP
  • CGC
  • TDY
  • TAH

May 2021


28572 units today @0.035 for $1000.02


1000 shares of Poinstbet Holdings [PBH] was picked up on 29/07/2020

Bought@ $5.60 x1000 shares= $5,600

Sold @11.58x 1000 shares= $11,580 on 19/05/2021

Profit= $5980

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Sept 2020

We bought HT8 #20,000 ( Harris technology) @0.105 = $2100

We bought FMG #500 ( Fortescue Metals Group) @15.90 = $7.950

We bought CAN #7,000 ( Cann Group Ltd) @0.40 = $2,800

  • We picked up Harris Technology as its currently making most of its profits due to  hygiene products which has been doing well in last  two quarters with minimum costbase for the company. Company  debt in good position due to to profits  and will continue at least for the short to medium term at this stage  with upside potential with good management. The company sells products online via amazon platform ( which could be a positive as well as risk).
  • Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) stock price has risen due  to  record iron ore prices and we like  the recovery story that can happen anytime while china is  doing a good job controlling the current pandemic, while  other countries  are still getting hampered with iron ore production due to the pandemic. Need to keep an eye on Iro ore prices and other factors as mentioned.
  • Can is at a good price right now after a fall in strockprice due to covid  and we decided to take a punt on this (risky) while  positive news coming out that over the counter prescription products (CBD) are getting approval by TGA

July 2020

We picked up some #1000 Poinstbet Holdings [PBH] on 29/07/200 for $5.60 = $5,600

We picked up some #2000 ALKANE RESOURCES [ALK] on 29/07/200 for $1.19 = $2,380

We picked up some  #1000 Tabcorp Holdings on 29/07/200 for $3.56 =$3,560

  • We considered poinstbet a risky play  due to uncertain current times, however also a punt due to  also the current times where funds available to be online with stimulus, with many states under partial lockdown inducing  people to go online for bets.
  • We picked up alkane resources due to its gold play  with current times and a bonus with them also sitting on rare earths resources

March 2020

We picked up some 500 APPEN [APX] on 13/03/2020 for $16.170 = $8,085

We picked up 2500 EML Payments [EML] on 18/03/2020 for $1.52 = $3,800

We picked up 500 Westpac Bank [WBC] on 19/03/2020 for $15 = $7,500

  • All our March picks are finance and tech related. Westpac we picked at a good price drop, EML has upside/downside(risk) with current climate, we think Appen is solid long term buy. Lets  see how they pick up.

Check our buy prices for some stock buys with prices on our homepage. These are prices that we have for now on our radar, but this could easily change with the market movements.

[ Australianstockwatch.com provides only general, and not personalised financial advice, and has not taken your personal circumstances into account.  Please remember that investments can go up and down. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Australian Stock Watch does not guarantee the performance of, or returns on any investment. ]

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Our 2012 Stock Portfolio

AGO 03-Sep-2012  @1.31 X 4000= $5240 [ check current price ]

AMCOM  03-Sep-2012 @ 1.11 x4000=$4440  [ check current price]

FMG  30-Aug-2012 @ 3.47 x1500=$5205  [ check current price ]

NEA 31-Jan-2013 @0.070 x21,428=$1499.96  [ check current price ] {ALL NEA stock sold today 19/04/2013 @ todays  high price of  0.25 – check new for todays high here }


Check out  our 2012 stock buying article –>  OUR LATEST Picks / Buys for 2012

*Amounts above don’t include broker or brokerage fees

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Stocks on our watch list

Altona mining (AOH) 0.27 –> Check price  [Copper mining]

Collins Foods Ltd. $1.17 ( As at 6:59PM 29/10/2012) (CKF) –> Check price  [Kfc and sizzler stores ]

Digital Performance Group Ltd. 5 Dec 2012 $ 0.010  (DIG) –> Check price  [Online Media company]

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (ASX: DMP) Stock Price $9.60  [ Pizza chain  ] Current Price Here

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Our 2010 Portfolio – Discontinued

Our portfolio has started (31/12/2010) with a  $20,000 cash balance with any profits from sale to be re-invested  in our portfolio.

Our Penny stock  Portfolio Buy / Sells

TRF – Trafford resources 0.41 X 5000  =$2050 (Buy- Date 05/01/2011)

COY – Coppermoly resources @ 0.13 X20,000=$2600 ( Buy 31/12/2010)

Balance – Cash in hand -$15350

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