3 Australian Stock picks for October

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October  is a slow month  on  the stock market and  markets have not been very exciting recently,  but activity is picking up before Christmas  and the new year. Here are some stock picks for October   which we recommend to check out  and do more research  and see if it is worthy of a spot on your portfolio.

They are a mix of Australian stocks and IPO’s  from the poultry and food and veg markets to the tech industry.Our pick is  Costa IPO and Hotcopper. Further research is a must before investing.

Costa Group ASX Code: CGC

  Costa group is one of the biggest food groups in Australia. They produce and market strawberries, blueberries and much more in Australia. You can find their fresh fruits and veges in most popular grocery shopping centres.

costa foods australia

Costa Group is Australia’s largest horticultural company and a major supplier of produce to food retailers in that country. Costa is Australia’s big grower, packer and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Stock price today: CGC (ASX) A$3.00 +0.03 (+1.01%)
Oct 14, 4:11 PM GMT+11 – Disclaimer

Headquarters: Australia

CEO: Harry Debney

Revenue: 662.3 million AUD (2014)

CFO: Linda Kow

Website: http://costagroup.com.au/

COSTA – Fresh is our Passion. from Costa on Vimeo.

Ingham Group ASX Code: ING

Ingham foods @ASX

inghams chicken
Ingham is looking to get its IPO launched on 7th Nov 2016 and prices are being rumoured to be around the $3 to $4 dollar mark.

Ingham brand is well known for its poultry. They have a large distribution of chicken in Australia. Steggles The Ingham float is slated to occur just days ahead of the $3.3bn-plus Alinta Energy, of which TPG holds a stake of between 20 and 30 per cent.

The company claims to be one of the largest producers of chickens and turkey products in Australia; and employs in excess of 9,000 people in more than 100 locations in Australia and New Zealand. The company was founded in 1918

Some other Australian chicken producers

Mt Barker (WA) http://www.mtbarkerchicken.com.au/

Inglewood farms (Macro) http://www.inglewoodfarms.com/

NICHOLS Poultry (Tasmania) http://www.nicholspoultry.com.au/

Moira Macs chicken (Vic) http://www.moiramacs.com.au/index.html

Tegel Foods ASX Code: TGH


Shares in Tegel Group soared as high as 10 per cent when it made its dual listing on the NZX and ASX.

Issuer code

Official listing date


Nature of Business: Tegel is New Zealand’s leading poultry producer and also manufactures and markets a range of other processed meat products

This is a New Zealand based food group that launched its IPO in both NZ and Australia.
They are pretty big in NZ and are looking to boost their Australian presence.The current  stock price is as above

Hotcopper Holdings ASX Code: HOT

Hot copper

hotcopper forums


Website: http://hotcopper.com.au/?

You search for  hotcopper on Google.com.au and you will get all other company or asx codes, that’s because hotcopper is one of the most popular Australian website forums for Australian stock market news and banter. Hotcopper is our tech  sector pick.

As websites need  minimum capital  to run and  maintain  and with bigger membership  these can easily make huge amounts of money  this is my favourite pick. Saying that   it is also easy to mismanage funds in tech sector if the the  funds are not applied  right, so there is always that risk 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

HotCopper is an Australian stock market online chat forum that allows its users to discuss financial topics. As of 2015, HotCopper was in the top 170 websites in Australia and was the 5th most popular Financial Services site in Australia as reported by Alexa

Check out more upcoming floats at the asx over  here  and some more recent floats over here


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