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Wednesday, 22 Aug 2007

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Welcome to another addition of Marketpulse, your FREE weekly investing and trading newsletter dedicated to the Australian share market.

This week, we’ll discuss the incredible events on global financial markets in our usual Market Wrap. There’s certainly plenty to talk about.

Of course, investors are probably wondering which stocks are now cheap after the market’s correction. We’ve honed in on one in particular which we feel is trading near bargain prices in our Feature Stock Pick  section.

It’s times like this that investors must polish up their research skills. This week’s Learning Centre  helps you to do just that by analysing key data tables in stock market research reports.

The brokers have certainly been busy upgrading and downgrading various stocks. In our Broker Consensus  section, we cover a stock which has been put under the broker spotlight.

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It was one of the most eventful weeks we’ve had in a while that brought about massive movements in all market sectors.

Last week’s carnage saw the market wipe out most of the year’s gains.

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A sample of this week’s Featured Stock Picks from our Reports:

Weekly Report

StockLong/ShortEntry PriceTarget Price

Daily Report

StockLong/ShortEntry PriceTarget Price

CFD Report

StockLong/ShortEntry PriceTarget Price
CALTEX AUSTRALIA LIMITEDL$22.05$20.95 (exit profit)

* This weeks Marketpulse Feature Stock Pick – FREE.

Research is best understood by research analysts – right? Well, we want everyone to understand our research.

This week’s Learning Centre tackles the definition of common terms used by brokers and research houses in analysing stocks.

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The Australian Stock Report’s Broker Consensus compiles the latest stock recommendations of all the major brokers in Australia.

You just type in the name of the stock and you’ll be instantly presented with the latest broker recommendations.

You’ll have access to vital statistics such as the broker rating (buy, hold or sell) and price targets – all displayed in an easy-to-use format.

This week’s Marketpulse Feature Broker Consensus study is MACQUARIE BANK LIMITED (MBL)

To see the full MBL Broker Consensus file, click here

There was a pretty even spread amongst members as to how low the ASX200 could go. The correct answer was closest to 5500. This week, we want to know what members are thinking about small-cap mining stocks. Is their dream run over? Is that it for specs?

Yes, ‘Dot-com’ bubble burst all over again! Won’t reach highs within 5 years.
No, this is just a correction, they’ll bounce back within a year.
No, not over – they’ll bounce back straight away.

The exact low for the ASX200 was 5483.3. So it’s fair to say that MP members did pretty well in last week’s Memberpulse survey by tipping 5500, with it scoring the best on 23%.

Last Week’s Poll Results

It was a tight race between the Bulls and the Bears last week – and the Bulls just had it. Unfortunately, today’s fall has proved them very wrong! The correction continues, but how far do members think the ASX200 can fall? (Currently 5820).

Below 5300!!!17%


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