Australian gold stocks And companies Listing

Below are the gold companies with links to thier respective websites that are listed on the australian stock exchange.CA Gold in Quartz

In the Australian Stock Market, Macquarie Research Equities (MRE) prefer Lihir Gold (LHG) with an outperform recommendation and a 12 month share price target of $4.40. On the other hand MRE have downgraded an outperform rating for Newcrest Mining (NCM) to Neutral with a 12 month share price target of $24. The reason given was the downside risk from the company’s flagship Telfer mine.

Australian gold stocks And companies Listing

A — Z

DDD 3D Resources
AAM A1 Minerals
AII Abra Mining
ACS Accent Resources
AEX Acclaim Exploration
ADU Adamus Resources
ADN Adelaide Resources
ALK Alkane
AGS Alliance Resources
ALD Allied Gold
AYR Alloy Resources
AMX Ampella Mining
AHR Anchor Resources
AND Andean Resources
AAR Anglo Australian Resources
AGG AngloGold Ashanti
AXM Apex Minerals
ARU Arafura Resources
AAG Aragon Resources
AXT Argo Exploration
ARE Argonaut Resources
ARV Artemis
ATN Ashburton Minerals
ATV Atlantic Gold
AGU Aurium Resources
ARM Aurora Minerals
AQD Ausquest
ARX Austindo Resources Corp
AGD Austral Gold
AAO Australasian Gold
AVO Avoca Resources
AVQ Axiom mining
AXC AXG Mining
AZM Azumah Resources
AZS Azure Minerals
BNL Balkans Gold
BAR Barra Resources
BSM Bass Metals
BTV Batavia Mining
BCN Beacon Minerals
BCD Beaconsfield Gold
BDG Bendigo Mining
BSG Bolnisi Gold
BKG Buka Gold
CMY Capital Mining
CRB Carbine Resources
CRK Carrick Gold
CDT Castle Minerals
CGT Castlemaine Goldfields
CYL Catalyst Metals
CAZ Cazaly
CBH CBH Resources
CNT Centamin Egypt
CUR Centaurus Resources
CVR Central Asia Resources
CWG Central West Gold

Fifteen of the 29 analysts said gold would reach $750 an ounce or more this year, triple the level five years ago when the Bank of England began selling off 60pc of Britain’s reserves. The average prediction for 2007 was a high of $742.

Jeffrey Christian, from New York’s CPM Group, also picked $850, the all-time high reached in 1981 after the oil and inflation shock of the Carter era. He said: “Mine production is not increasing as rapidly as had been expected, due to bottlenecks in starting new mines and expansions. Central banks have sold much of the gold they wish to sell.”

CGX CGA Mining
CHN Chalice Gold
CTO Citigold
CFR Cluff Resources Pacific
CCU Cobar Consolidated resources
CLN Colonial Resources
CQT Conquest Mining
CNF Continental Goldfields
CRC Cortona Resources Ltd
CGM Cougar Metals Holdings
CRE Crescent Gold
CAS Crusader
CUL Cullen Resources
DGR D’Aguilar Gold
DTM Dart Mining
DEG De Grey Mining
DRX Diatreme Resources
DIO Dioro Exploration
DOM Dominion Mining
DRA Dragon Mining
DMG Dragon Mountain Gold
DRK Drake Resources
EAR Echo Resources
EDM Eldore Mining
EKM Electra Mines
ELM Elemental Minerals
EMP Emperor Mines
ERL Empire Resources*
EQI Equigold
EUG Eurogold
EXM Excalibur Mining
EXS Exco Resources
EXT Extract Resources
FAS Fairstar Resources
FCN Falcon Minerals
FML Focus Minerals
FXR Fox Resources
FNT Frontier Resources
FSN Fusion Resources

GML Gateway Mining
GPR Geopacific Resources
GIR Giralia Resources
GGY Glengarry Resources
GOA Gold Aura
GOLD Gold Bullion
GCX Golden China Resources
GCR Golden Cross Resources
GMR Golden Rim Resources
GDN Golden State Resources
GTX Golden Tiger Mining
GWR Golden West Resources
GSE Goldsearch
GDR Goldstar Resources
GDM Goldstream Mining
GAU Great Australian Resources
GNL Great Gold Mines

GBM Greater Bendigo Gold
GPN Greater Pacific Gold
GRY Gryphon Minerals
GTR GTI Resources
GLM Gulf Mines
GLF Gulf Resources*
GUN Gunson Resources
HHM Hampton Hill Mining
HNR Hannans Reward
HAO Haoma Mining
HAV Havilah Resources
HSK Heemskirk Consolidated
HLX Helix Resources
HTM Heritage Gold NZ
HIG Highland Pacific
HEG Hill End Gold
HGO HillGrove Resources
IBR Iberian Resources
IMA Image Resources
IGO Independence Group
IRN Indophil Resources
IGR Integra Mining
IGC International Goldfields
IAU Intrepid Mines
IBG Ironbark Gold
JAK Jackson Gold
JAG Jaguar Minerals
JRV Jervois Mining
JRL Jindalee Resources
JMS Jupiter Mines
KIK Kairiki Energy
KAL Kalgoorlie-Boulder Resources
KGL Kentor Gold*
KMN Kings Minerals
KCN Kingsgate Consolidated
KOR Korab Resources
LAF Lafayette Mining
LKE Lake Resources*
LAT Latin Gold
LEF Lefroy Resources
LEG Legend Mining
LRL Leyshon Resources
LBY Liberty Resources
LGL Lihir Gold
LST Lion Selection
MMN Macmin Silver
MGU Magnetic Resources
MGU Magnum Mining and Exp.
MAR Malachite Resources
MAB Mamba Minerals
MNM Mantle Mining
MAV Mavuzi Resources
MWE Mawson West
MXR Maximus Resources
MML Medusa Mining
MEI Meteoric Resources
MEE Metex Resources
MDS Midas Resources
MDX Mindax
MDL Mineral Deposits*
MXX Mineral Securities
MPJ Mining Projects Group
MEP Minotaur Exploration
MLI Mintails
MON Monarch Gold Mining Comp.
MRO Monaro Mining
MZM Montezuma Mining Company
MCO Morning Star Gold
MTB Mount Burgess Mining
MUM Mount Magnet South
MUN Mundo Minerals
MYG Mutiny Gold

NAV Navigator Resources
NCM Newcrest Mining
NEM Newmont Mining
NGM NGM Resources
NWR Northwest Resources
NGF Norton Gold
OGD Oceana Gold
ORD Ord River Resources
ORP Oropa
ORO Oroya Mining
OXR Oxiana
PMH Pacmag Metals
PRE Pacrim Energy
PNA Pan Australian Resources
PAU Panaegis Gold

PEK Peak Resources
PEN Peninsula Minerals
PNN PepinNini Minerals
PRU Perseus Mining
PSV Perseverance
POL Polaris Metals
PRZ Primary Resources
PIM Prime Minerals
PSP Prosperity Resources
PRW Proto Resources
QGM Queensland Gold
RMS Ramelius Resources
RND Rand Mining
RRS Range Resources
RNG Range River Gold
RED Red 5
RMP Red Emperor Resources
RDM Red Metal
RBM Redbank Mines
RDR Reed Resources
RER Regal Resources
RRL Regis Resources
RSN Renison Consolidated Mines
RAU Republic Gold
RSG Resolute Mining
RVM Revere Mining Ltd
RWD Reward Minerals
ROL Robust Resources
ROY Royal Resources
RCO Royalco resources
SFR Sandfire
SAR Saracen
SIM Scimitar Resources
SHX Shield Mining
SVL Silver Mines
SGX Sino Gold Mining
SRI Sipa Resources International
STB South Boulder Mines
SAU Southern Gold
SBM St Barbara Ltd
SRZ Stellar Resources
SMC Strategic Minerals Corp.
SBS Sub-Sahara Resources
SML Synergy Metals
TKG Takoradi
TMR Tamaya Resources
TAM Tanami Gold
TAS Tasman Resources
TTR Tectonic Resources
TMX Terrain Minerals
TGF Tianshan Goldfields
TGS Tiger Resources

TRF Trafford Resources
TKL Traka Minerals
TRO Tri Origin Minerals
TBR Tribune Resources
TRY Troy Resources
TRM Truscott Minerals
VMS Venture Minerals
VRE View Resources
WRK Warwick Resources
WCP WCP Resources*
WTE Wedgetail Mining
WDR Western Desert Resources
WPG Western Plains Resources
WGR Westgold Resources
WEZ Westonia Mines
YML Yilgarn Mining
ZRL Zambezi Resources
ZDX Zedex Minerals

The majority of the world’s top metal experts think that gold will reach 25-year highs this year, surpassing the brief peak reached in the speculative surge last spring.

If the roaring bull market in gold is already past its sell-by date, nobody told the 29 prophets polled by the London Bullion Market Association in its annual forecasting contest.

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PDF] Precious Metals Forecast 2007 Gold

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J A N U A R Y 2 0 0 7. Precious Metals Forecast. 2007. Contents. Gold. Page 1. Silver. Page 7. Platinum. Page 10. Palladium. Page 12. Rhodium …

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Agincourt Resources *** (OXR)
Aquila Resources
Atlas Iron
Australasian Resources ***
Ballarat Goldfields *** (LGL)
BHP Billiton
BMA Gold ***
Cambrian Mining***
Cape Lambert Iron
Centralian Minerals
Copper Strike
Durban Roodepoort Deep***
Echelon Resources (FSN)
Gindalbie Metals
Gleneagle Gold ***
GME Resources
Herald Resources
IAMGold ***
Intermin Resources


Jabiru Metals
Kagara Zinc
Leviathan Resources *** (PSV)
Marengo Mining
Matrix Metals
Mega Redport Pty Ltd
Metals Australia
Michelago Ltd***
Moly Mines
Moto Goldmines ***
Niagra Mining
Platinum Australia
Platina Resources
Queensland Ores
Rio Tinto
Scarborough Minerals
Straits Resources
Vulcan Resources
Yilgarn Gold (now KIK)
Yilgarn Mining

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