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Wednesday, 4 Jul 2007

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Many investors would have been popping champagne corks over the weekend as they celebrated the end of a magical financial year.

We cover all the action of the dying days of the last year in this week’s Market Wrap.  

The 2006/07 financial year saw the local market produce a 23.7% return – the fourth year running the market produce a double-digit percentage gain.

In this kind environment, long-term investors are doing well. But traders might find the recent volatility over the past few weeks more to their liking. We discuss the difference between investing and trading in this week’s Learning Centre.

We have TWO Feature Stock Picks this week, engineering firm Coffey International (COF), and small minerals explorer Hannans Reward (HNR). Again, are you a trader or are you an investor? Each stock sits at very different ends of the spectrum.

Of course, the other commotion last week was the takeover of Coles Group (CGJ) by WA conglomerate Wesfarmers (WES). We look at the future of Wesfamers in this week’s Broker Consensus – we might be surprised how negative some analysts are to the deal.  

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The market finished the financial year on a weak note, but in the wash-up it really made little difference to what was a sterling year for local investors.


The market closed down 1.7% for the week, but finished a massive 23.7% higher for the financial year.

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A sample of this week’s Featured Stock Picks from our Reports:

Weekly Report

StockLong/ShortEntry PriceTarget Price

Daily Report

StockLong/ShortEntry PriceTarget Price

CFD Report

StockLong/ShortEntry PriceTarget Price
Euro vs US Dollar SpotL1.3451.363 (exit profit)

* This weeks Marketpulse Feature Stock Pick – FREE.

There are many ways of making money out of the stock market and depending on your level of sophistication, trading capital, stage of life, risk profile and other characteristics.

Essentially however, people who get involved the share market will generally fall into one of two basic categories: “Investor”, or “Trader”.

So, what’s the difference?

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The Australian Stock Report’s Broker Consensus compiles the latest stock recommendations of all the major brokers in Australia.

You just type in the name of the stock and you’ll be instantly presented with the latest broker recommendations.

You’ll have access to vital statistics such as the broker rating (buy, hold or sell) and price targets – all displayed in an easy-to-use format.

This week’s Marketpulse Feature Broker Consensus study is WESFARMERS LIMITED (WES)

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Hopefully everyone got things in order for the end of the financial year. This week we ask the question: Are you are trader or an investor? Many don’t consider exactly what’s involved in each. See the Learning Centre before you answer this question!

Not sure

This week’s Learning Centre topic should help you answer the above question – or at least get you thinking about which camp you fit into.

Last Week’s Poll Results

What old fashioned members we have! Roughly half said that FX is not for them, but half were already trading FX, or interested in learning more. This week, with June 30 on our doorstep, what are members doing to minimise their taxes for 2007?

Selling losing stocks to reduce income/capital gains.31%
Investing in tax effective scheme such as timber, olives, etc.3%
Increasing/ rolling investments into superannuation.20%
Pre-paying interest on investment loans.16%
Other structured tax effective financial products.6%
Not trying to minimise tax.24%


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