Best Australian stock forums online ( finance forums)

Many traders and investors use forums to share ideas, learn from the more experienced, or simply to stave off boredom during long hours at the computer. Here we list the known universe of forums, complete with costs, member numbers, extra benefits and popular forum topics. Please post a message on Your 2 Cents if your favourite forum isn’t listed here, or if you feel that there’s more to add about the day-to-day goings on in your online community.

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Forum areas



ASX by share code, General, Beginners, Derivatives, Commodities, International, Strategies/Systems

Easy to use, independent forum. Aussie Stock Forums has a group of very active and knowledgeable traders. Private messaging available. Australian forum.

Chimes in Exile
Chimes in Exile



ASX stocks, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, commodities, economics, investment tools

The forum has a small group of regular contributors that form a genuine community of investors – the small size engenders good communication and general banter.

Crazy Jim Smith
Crazy Jim Smith



ASX stocks, New User tips and more, Crazy’s picks, General, Crazy Ramblings

The forum has a mixture of beginner and experienced traders. There is a strong emphasis on fundamental analysis.

HotCopper Australia



ASX by stock, ASX – general, AIM – London, US stocks, General, Humour

Enormous group of active users, with a large focus on tips and hot stocks – particularly resource stocks.




Investing Strategies, Shares, Managed Funds, Real Estate, Business, Accounting Tax & Legal, Finance and Banking, Super

Independent forum with a strong education base and a focus on advanced investment strategies. Covers all asset classes including real estate, shares and managed funds. Private messaging available.




ASX listed stocks, market trends, commodities, general

Large group of active users with a focus on ASX stocks.



ASX by share code, Investment discussion, Macro factors, Off topic chat, Special guest discussion

Independent investor community with a focus on quality discussion. Chat with specialists like Jim Berg, CEO interviews, float information, book club, member award program.



based on ASX code, General forum, Hot stocks, Floats , Property , Superannuation

One of the longest-running Australian share forums (it rose from the ashes of of the Egoli forum), the independently owned Sharesguru attracts med-long term value investors. Ramping is hosed down by existing members. Good quality posts and most long term posters are happy to help newcomers. Had the likes of Roger Montgomery (Clime asset) post once or twice.

Basic – free

Pro – $199.40 pa


General, CFDs, Blue Chips, Day Traders, Software, Humour, Tips & Bets, Indicators, Newbies, IPOs, Sports

Stock tipping function, which allows members to be ranked according to stock tips. Cash & prize giveaways, CEO spotlight features, stats reports on tipping performance, charting, trading diary, daily community consensus & stock reports.

Traders & Investors Network

$330 pa


Beginners, gems, wisdom & lessons learnt, psychology of trading, scams & cautions, hardware & software, A-Z stocks, industries, fx, options, futures, warrants, book reviews, brokers, technical analysis, fundamental analysis

Not a stock tipping forum. Alerts to brokers’ recommendation upgrades and downgrades, "insider" trading and emerging chart patterns. Access to paid premium content. Access to independent reviews of and discounts on books, software and other products. Alerts members to scams & viruses.

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Other Popular Stock market Related websites


– Australian Stock Exchange

– Kim Reilly Trading Systems

– Louise Bedford

– Louise Bedford trading forum and supports

– General Site

– Shares price and watchlist

– Share Trading DayTrading Stocks Futures Options

– Colin Nicholson’s site

– Free sector reports and fundamentals



– Bull Charts

– Incredible Charts

– Metastock

– FoxTrader (Peter Spann)

– Insight Trader

– Stock Doctor

– Share Filter

– Saratoga

– FCharts

– Great for US markets. Very inexpensive for a dynamic intraday package. It’s no good for aussie stocks


– CommSec Stock Broker

– ETrade

– US based broker


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