Free Stock market trading offered by Bell direct

Today i got a pleasant sunrise when i opened my Email account , i am glad that i signed up with Bell direct  Trading as an option to COMSEC trading ( for my share trading) , but  this  secondary option is looking more and more like my primary option  and infact spurred me on  to do more trading  with their “Free trades offer” .

Here is a SNAP SHOT of their offer

Trading stockmarket for free Bell direct

That’s right

With  this free Stock market trading offer

Just trade and every 5th trade will be FREE until 30 November 2012.

The also say “When the share market rallies, most people miss out on the first 10% of the gain”  but im not  to sure about a rally soon , but you can never say.

If you signing up with them 

Here is some pros

Good  Free Info on stocks with broker recommendations

Stock Research available for free

$15 trades


Wish their  payment processing from bank to account was much easier to do

Wish their Placing trades section was more streamlined like comsec

Keep trading !! good luck Smile

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