Is potash the next big thing

BHP Billiton Ltd., the world’s largest mining company, said it agreed to acquire Athabasca Potash Inc. for about C$341 million ($322 million) to add to assets in Canada containing the crop nutrient potash.

Mining  Growth in potash sector ?

Athabasca has one of the largest exploration permit areas in the so-called Saskatchewan basin, covering approximately 6,900 square kilometres (2,664 square miles), BHP said in a separate statement. The Athabasca deal will give BHP access to a total exploration area of more than 14,000 square kilometres in the so-called Saskatchewan potash basin, BHP said.

Potash fertilizer mines  potash prices

And then there’s potash.

Potash is the common name for potassium carbonate and various mined and manufactured salts that contain the element potassium in water-soluble form. In some rare cases, potash can be formed with traces of organic materials such as plant remains.

It is big business. Potash Corp of Saskatchewan is worth more than Barrick Gold – the market caps are $US39 billion and $US33 billion respectively.

Potash and mining in australia

Potash is a source of potassium which, in fertilisers, raises yields and disease resistance for plants. The potash price has doubled in the past three years.

Reward Minerals is a local play not for the faint-hearted. The company owns the aptly named Lake Disappointment prospect in Western Australia – aptly because Reward’s efforts have been frustrated by a native title impasse. updates @

potash mining australia

Australia now imports all its potash, but Reward is hoping to fill a large part of that demand. There’s just that native title barrier and, of course, further drilling before Reward can cross the production bridge.

Other potash projects

Caldera Resources In

(Caldera is engaged in diamond exploration in Australia. Three projects are located in the Pilbara region of northern Western Australia, one of which is joint ventured with Mr. Ronald Winston. The Company also has one project located adjacent to the Ellendale Lamproite Field in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Caldera also has three base metal/gold projects in South Australia.)

potash mining industry

Potasio Rio Colorado (PRC) potash project in Argentina


Aus Potash is now a wholly owned subsidiary Sirius Exploration Plc. For further information, please go to:

Corumbá iron ore mine in Brazil

Passport Metals Inc

Talon Metals Corp

Sainik Coal Mining Pvt. Ltd., an India Company

Asia Pacific Potash Corporation’s Udon Potash Project in north-eastern Thailand

Australian Potash Company Pty Ltd

( Carnarvon Basin Project, an exploration property covering approximately 4,280 square kilometres of prospective potash horizons in an extensive evaporite basin known as the Southern Carnarvon Basin in Western Australia. Previous drilling, consisting of three widely spaced oil and gas wells over a distance of 25 kilometres, has indicated the potential for significant potash and other sodium and magnesium salts)

Historical potash prices (Canada)

It is well-known that Australian soils are low in phosphorus. What is not so well-known is that many of our soils are also low in potassium. As a result, the animal manures that we increasingly use on our gardens in place of chemical fertilisers are also low in potassium. This has led to an increase in the incidence of plant diseases. Although potash could never be described as a fungicide, its correct use can certainly minimise diseases such as blackspot, rust and powdery mildew. These appear most visibly on the leaves and fruit of affected plants, but can affect any part.

Fertilizers Related to potash :
nitroegen (urea, ammonium nirate, ammonium sulphate)
phosphate fertilizers (superphospahte, dap, map)
potassium (muriate of potash, sulpahte of potash)
compound fertilizers (npk granulated, bulk blended)
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