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keywords and/or keyword phrases are an important factor in obtaining top search engine ranking. But, what exactly are keywords and keyword phrases?

Essentially, keywords and keyword phrases are the search terms that people enter into a search engine when they are trying to find a particular site. Search engines use them to help determine how to rank your site in response to searches conducted using the keyword/phrase.

Let us say that you have a site that specializes in books for children. You may have chosen “children’s books” as a keyword phrase. Ideally, your site will show up when someone searches for “children’s books”.

Once you have determined which keywords and/or keyword phrases you will use, you will have to strategically incorporate them into your web site.

So, that being said, a prerequisite for a successful positioning strategy is to identify a list of keywords and/or keyword phrases for your web site.See it not from your point of view but from the person searching

Deciding which keywords/phrases to use will take some effort. However, you will find that by choosing the right ones targeted traffic to your web site will increase.

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