Money making secrets exposed !! Micheal Cheney hahaha

I was browsing the internet and came across yet another money making internet site . The story sounded like a regualr rag to riches money making story of this guy Micheal Cheney ( sounds like a pom from the accent). And the build up was good .. Sorry to say thats how good it got . The Apparent funds Money making videos is crap. All u see in the 13 Videos is The guy scrolling thru his email account and doodling with his e-pen all over his screen and him recieving tonees of emails which sorta gives me the wrong impression of whats acrtually going on. Now the videos sure show hime making a lott of money or becoming a millionare almost so to speak. Theres one sure way always to become a millionare and that is hard work even if it is working on the internet.He doesnt actually gives u any tips how to make money just sits on his comp and browse this mailbox ..oh btw he is using some software Goldmine email manager to organse his emails . You really start to get sick of him continously rbowsing thru his emails.. what a Waste Of time. Id rather start some ebay business .lol

Links to videos

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