Search engine optimization tips

Search Engine Optimization Tips
People use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank better in search engines for certain terms. Now, the topic of SEO is huge, and takes hundreds of pages of text to cover fully, so I’ll just go over a few of the basic aspects that you can implement to your sites.
The Domain
One of the first things you need to consider when making a new site is the domain. If you plan to get traffic solely from search engines then you should go with a keyword rich domain – – but it really depends on your aim. Depending on your business model or site idea, you may require a more unique or “brandable” domain name.
H1 Tags
Any keyword or phrase in between H1 tags (

) are seen as important by search engines, and can greatly affect your ranking.
I own and was trying to rank well for the key phrase drawing tips. I added the text drawing tips between heading tags, and it helped bump me up a few spots on the main page.
So basically use H1 tags for headings, and if you need to have sub-headings start to use H2, and H3 tags.
Web Page Title
Every page should have a unique title that relates to the content on the page, and the keywords/phrases that you want to target. You’d be surprised how many pages in search engines are titled “Untitled Document” (the default title).
Search engines can find it hard to index sites that have URL’s such as index.php?id=10, but find it a lot easier if the URL is similar to index/10 or index_10.html.You can use mod_rewrite to get rid of these dynamic URL’s. Now, mod_rewrite is a huge topic so it’s best to Google it, or ask about it on forums as it’s too hard to explain in these few pages. Most popular software packages have some plugin, add-on, or built-in mod_rewrite feature (known as permalinks in WordPress).
Keyword Rich URL’s
This is related to mod_rewrite. If possible try to have keyword rich URL’s. So, instead of index_10.html, have index_keyword.html – the keywords and phrases in a URL is taken into account when being ranked by search engines.
ALT Text
This does not have a huge impact on search engine rankings, but every little bit helps! Insert alt=”keyword or phrase” into tags. Also, if you want your coding to be valid alt text is required.


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