Technology start ups in the news with Deloitte and silicon valley funding

Deloitte Australia  has just announced  Technology top 50  companies that have made a name for themselves  and are growing rapidly.  The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is a program that recognises and profiles Australian technology companies, public or private, that have had rapid annual revenue growth.

Deloitte TOP 50 TECHNOLOGY companies

The program is supported by many interactive events and online  forums,  newsletters and seminars- available to all entrants – which will help you to grow the business.
start up australia and tech funding
Read and download the 2010 ‘The Winners Report’ (PDF)

Australian Tech start-ups and funding

Many silicon valley companies and funding ventures  are looking at australia as a major new country  where many innovative start-ups  are rapidly spawning and in recent months  received million of $$ in funding money.
Some of the people and companies investing in australia are , YCombinator , US venture capital firm Accel Partners.
Startmate and Pollenizer are Australian companies that curently source funding for promising new Australian start-up’s at the moment.

Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones (HQ Audio)

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