The commonwealth Bond Investment offer

CommBank Retail Bond Offer – Now Open

As a valued client of Commonwealth Securities (“CommSec”), I am pleased to present you with an exciting opportunity to invest in the Commonwealth Bank (the “Bank”), one of Australia’s leading financial institutions and one of the world’s safest banks.

The Bank is offering “CommBank Retail Bonds” that offer a quarterly cash return fixed at 1.05% pa higher than the applicable Bank Bill Rate1. CommSec has secured an allocation for CommSec clients who are Australian residents via the Broker Firm Offer. To apply for this Offer or to download a copy of the Offer Document, visit


Application value

50 CommBank Retail Bonds ($5,000)
Applications for more than $5,000 must be in multiples of $1,000

5 years

Offer Open
Thursday, 18 November 2010

Offer Close
Friday, 17 December 2010

CommBank Retail Bonds

CommBank Retail Bonds rank ahead of all holders of Ordinary Shares and PERLS IV and V holders but behind creditors secured by law, and any secured creditors of the Bank. Visit for more information or to download a copy of the Offer Document

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