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Top  australian stock broking websites and information links  on the internet

Australian Shareholders’ Association
Established as a not-for-profit organisation in 1960 the Australian Shareholders’ Association protects and advances the interests of investors.

Berkshire Hathaway
This site contains Warren Buffett letters to shareholders for every issue since 1977. Essential reading for all value investors.

Directors’ Transactions
Directors’ Transactions tells you who’s buying, who’s selling and who owns what amongst Australia’s company directors.

Educated Investor Bookshop
A specialist bookshop located in Melbourne offering same day postage Australia wide and a 10% discount for subscribers to The Intelligent Investor.

Grant’s Interest Rate Observer
This fortnightly newsletter is US-centric, highbrow and bears little relevance to the Australian market, but we like his style.

Income Investor
This site offers information on both upcoming and historical ex-dividend dates, including dividend amounts and franking.
Confused by investing but want to learn more? New2Shares offers five education modules covering everything from telling you why you should invest to reading annual reports and choosing a broker.

Outstanding Investor Digest
It’s expensive and it’s infrequent but the interviews in this US publication are more eagerly anticipated than anything coming through The Intelligent Investor’s mailbox

Platinum Asset Management
Australian based fund manager Platinum provide some refreshing words of wisdom in their quarterly reports.

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
The ASX website includes market and company news, share prices, ASX education centre, ASX/Dymocks Book Shop, information on derivatives and a directory of stock brokers. For those who would love to attend the lunchtime lectures, a timetable is now available online.

The Motley Fool
If you know what you’re after then this ‘all things finance related’ website probably has it. The regular email bulletins are informative, but with a UK slant.

The superinvestors of Graham and Doddsville
This is a highly recommended extract from a lecture given at Columbia University in 1984 by Warren Buffett.

Third Avenue Funds
Martin J. Whitman (Marty Whitman) is a legendary investor and author of a book titled Value Investing: A Balanced Approach. He’s also a regular to the pages of Outstanding Investor Digest ( Whitman founded Third Avenue Management in 1974 and its website contains many gems. Most are to be found in the ‘Shareholder Letters’ section.

Tilson Funds
It could almost be described as the value investor’s homepage (second only to The Intelligent Investor of course), this website has it all and is a fantastic starting point.

Tocqueville Asset Management
Tocqueville Asset Management specialises in the management of large family fortunes and employs a team of ‘contrarian investors who adhere to a traditional value investment philosophy’. There is a lot of excellent reading on the site, especially in the ‘Brainstorms’ section.

Tweedy, Browne Company
Frequent contributors to the pages of Outstanding Investor Digest, these American fund managers also have some wonderful content on their own website.

Warren Buffett
The Intelligent Investor’s dedicated site to the one of the world’s most successful investors, Warren Buffett.

Stockbroker Links

» ABN AMRO Morgans (
» Andrew West (
» Austock (
» Baker Young (
» BBY (
» Bell Potter Securities (
» Burrell Stockbroking (
» Commonwealth Securities Ltd (
» D.J. Carmichaels (
» Delta Securities (
» Direct Shares (
» E*Trade (
» Gillion Securities (
» HSBC Stockbroking (
» Intersuisse (
» Joseph Palmer & Sons (
» Kinetic Securities (
» Leyland Private Asset Management (
» Maquarie DirecTrade (
» Morrison Securities (
» Netwealth (
» Reynolds Stockbrokers (
» Sanford Securities (
» Shadforths (
» Smith Barney Citigroup (
» Taylor Collison (
» Tolhurst Noall (
» Webstock (
» Wilson HTM Investment Group (

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