2010 –Australian Financial Wrap Up (The year of Ipads , Rudd Exit , NBN wiki leaks , try again BHP and what not …

2010 in the media: Wiki leaks, iPads and the NBN

Here is our “financial wrap up 2010” or “australian stock marketwrap up 2010” with and australian flavor. Emerging economies (in Asia and Latin America) significantly outperformed countries where the GFC had the most impact (the US, Japan and parts of Europe). BHP did it again, BHP Billiton Ltd put a $US45 billion bid for Canadian fertiliser company Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc and then withdrew it later.

2010 wrap up

The major 4 banks earned a lot of badwill from the government and its customers for increasing rates much higher than the  official bank rates  and then  some ended up removing “Bank EXIT fees“  to get more competitive.

GOLD forecast

Historically ,January 21st, 1980 saw the price of gold reach 850 US dollars per ounce. To understand how much money this is worth today one would need to adjust the figures according to the CPI (Consumer Price Index). 850 dollars in 1980 is worth 2,250 US dollars in the year 2010. If gold were to repeat the value of a previous high it could double from the price it is trading at in June of 2010.

gold nugget stocks 420x315.jpg

There are signs that reports of market confidence end in 2010, which pushed price of gold down begining of 2011, but during second quarter the real results will come out possibly pushing prices back up. Overall 2011 will be a wavy year to recovery.

DOOLGUNNA and west Africa were the golden hot spots for junior stocks in 2010. Sandfire Resources, which boasted a stock price that has soared by more than 7,000% in 2009 with its  "Doolgunna" copper-gold discovery 150km north of Meekatharra in Western Australia continued to put paper money profit  back to its investors .

This year was the year of the iPad. It’s hard to believe that Apple CEO Steven Jobs revealed it to the world just 11 months ago and that 7 million have been sold.  The ipad  and Iphone 4 has certainly become one of the more popular Gadgets in 2010. Here are some of the other news  that rocked us in 2010.

Australian Wrap up 2010

Our own Aussie Scandals & cricket  & footy

Bad boy Brendan Fevola gave us the shower scene with Lara Bingle, Stephanie Rice gave us “faggot-gate” and created a big uproar among her fans , the NRL’s Joel Monaghan gave us another definition for doggie style, Shane Warne joined  the twitter bandwagon, while Facebook revealed more of the St Kilda football club than its players would like and the drama continues.

Qantas mishaps continue to remain in the news

Qantas  remained in the news for the wrong reasons throughput 2010 with some mishaps and minor accidents

August 2010: Qantas flight forced to land in San Francisco after explosion in engine casing.

April 2010: Tires on Qantas A380 burst during landing at Sydney Airport.

Aprile 2010: Cracked windshield grounds Qantas plane in Melbourne.

Wiki leaks Revelations continue 

Julian Assange Founder of wiki leaks  kept springing up new shocking releases on his wiki leaks website  making  some of the major countries governments sweat under the collar.

Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, was denied the chance to collect it , as china  urged many countries to stay away from the Nobel prize ceremony

The Kevin Speedy Rudd exit

2010 was also  the year that Kevin Rudd’s Deputy  Prime minister (Julia gillard –Now prime minister) swept the carpet from under him.There was the fantastic coverage by ABC TV of the spill that ended Kevin Rudd’s prime minister ship.

Tony abott and his budgie smugglers

Phew … will he be wearing budgie smugglers?..Tony abbot again made news with his budgie smugglers .read more here

The ken Henry  review

The Henry tax review is finally  out on 2nd May 2010 was not  much of a surprise as not many of the recommendations got implemented.

It was also the year that a piece of media infrastructure won an election. The National Broadband Network (NBN) was the clincher for Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott. But what do we know about this behemoth?  We know from the media it will cost either $42 billion, or $26 billion or $36 billion or $28 billion or perhaps less or perhaps more.

Everyones twittering and facebooking

Yup thats right  you cant ignore it , you get in the bus its around you , you get on the train its around you , you sit in the office its around you , twitter and facebook  has entered our lives  to become an ongoing addiction  and it possibly will stay there for some time. Its on Ipads , Iphones , Androids , tablets  and you name it whatever new gadget that launches , not only all the aussie celebrities has got on the twitter bandwagon but so has the Australian media channels with a twitter channel for every new show nowadays.

It was the year we discovered the digital drop box and the cloud, we started retweeting in earnest and forgot our passwords too often. It was another year in the media.

Packer’s and Murdoch’s moves on Ten looks like an endorsement of free view, the burgeoning network of digital free-to-air channels owned by the existing networks.

Rupert Murdoch announced that he will charge people to read his news websites  and that did not go down well with many in the online world as well as Google.

In fact 2010 was the year that analog TV signals started turning off as part of the national rollout of digital TV. Mildura went first in June, followed by locations in South Australia and New South Wales last week. Next year it’s more locations in regional Queensland and Victoria.

Property update 2010

Australia’s housing market changed direction in June 2010 according to rpdata.com research director Tim Lawless. Based on the RP Data-Rismark Home Value Indices, over the eighteen months to June 2010 the combined capital cities of Australia saw home values increase by 18.5 per cent after values fell by 3.8 per cent during 2008.

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