Coal and Iron ore stocks to rise by 20% by 2008

BHP Billiton Ltd. led mining stocks higher after JPMorgan Chase & Co. said coal and iron ore producers may climb about 20 percent next year today

Coal and iron ore are in much demand in developing countries like china and india , whose economy is growing at a phenomenal rate at the moment.

Miners of coal and iron ore may jump next year, outperforming other natural-resource stocks, as price gains and supply shortages boost returns, JPMorgan’s asset management unit said yesterday.

Some Coal Facts

1. Coal is the largest single source of fuel in the world for the generation of electricity.
2. 75%of coal is used for the production of electricity.
3. The USA consumes about one billion tons of coal each year
4. China and India use about 1.7 billion tons annually
5. Coal is the fastest growing energy source in the world
6. China was the top producer of coal with almost one-third world share
7. US is the second largest producer of coal
8. The largest exporter of coal is Australia.
9. Coal is found on all continents except Antarctica.
10. There is enough coal to provide the entire planet with all of its energy for 155 years, 285 years, or 600 years, depending on what source you use.

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My picks for these sectors are

Mt gibson iron ( mgx ) – 2.65 Buy today ( iron )

Mc arthur coal ( mcc) – 9.03 Buy today ( coal )

Whitehaven coal ltd ( whc ) – 2.91 Buy today ( coal )

Gloucester Coal ltd (gcl ) -6.10 Buy today ( coal )

Swick services (swk ) – .180 Buy today ( mining services )

BHP Billiton ( Bhp ) – 42.00 Buy today ( mining)

Atlas iron lyd ( Ago ) – 2.00 Buy ( iron )

Cape lambert iron ore ( Cfe ) – 0.57 ( iron )

Other companies to look out for is mis , ioh , mmx , gindalbie metals

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A combined Murchison metals – Midwest group would have the potential to produce 45 million tonnes of iron ore a year. The would place output at the same level as Fortescue’s initial production — though the Pilbara miner has far greater ambitions.

Murchison is backed by Japan’s Mitsubishi Corp and South Korea’s POSCO, while Midwest is backed by China’s Sinosteel Corp.

Other iron ore players in the mid-west including Gindalbie Metals Ltd, which is backed by Chinese steelmaker Anshan Iron & Steel Group Corp, and Mt Gibson Iron Ltd, which is also backed by Chinese interests. Those companies also enjoyed share price gains on hopes the tussle over infrastructure will be resolved.

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