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If you take a gander at recent index figures for the ASX, you’ll notice a couple of sectors are clear stand out performers. The usual suspect, resources, is making ridiculous gains all the time. But, as a sector, Australian small cap stocks are currently enjoying their own expansionary phase.
The overall Aussie share market is up 11% so far this year, which is pretty handy. But Australian small caps (as a sector) are currently sitting on a 4½ month return of 15%. They’re beating the market by 4%.
In fact, if you’d invested in small caps one year ago today, you would have made 13% more than the market over the past twelve months
Commonwealth Buy rating and valuation on Small emerging companies

Broadcast Title: CommSec 2007 Emerging Companies ConferenceBroadcast Type: Audio streamAudio webcast Link:http://abnnewswire.net/alnk/F841BB4DListen to the Audio stream and view the announcement for Customers Limited (ASX: CUS.AX) below.http://abnnewswire.net/vlnk/5E2WV757

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Customers Limited ASX: CUS – CommSec 2007 Emerging Companies …
AX) present the following audio webcast regarding “CommSec 2007 Emerging Companies Conference”. You may also download this audio webcast to your computer or …au.biz.yahoo.com/071127/42/1i5w5.html

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