Diggers + dealers 2009 Bust to BOOM 2009 /2010

Is this gonna be the  Australian diggers and dealers  forum that gives the word “recession “ a kick up the butt and  get those mining companies back on their feet spurting out  all thos magnificent goodies from tour soil.

diggers and dealers 2009

Quite likely really , given all the doom and bust words are  almost out of our regular vocabulary  now that we are looking to more  optimistic positive times.

Things are looking good so far with 1750 registrations  and 126 presentations booths already booked. the turnout at this diggers 7 dealers at kalgoorlie boulder is definitely a scorcher in these just after bust times.

Even though  iron ore  in australia has been much in the spotlight lately and uranuim has not been getting the spotlight it deserves , it looks like  The gold  guys will be sparkling their shine at this year 2009 forum.

So where its at ?

Forum 2009 – 3 to 5 August

Venue – The Goldfields Arts Centre
Location – Cheetham Street, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

kalgoorlie pub 

Kalgoorlie pub

This leading annual mining conference combines presentations by listed mining and exploration companies with a large exhibition area housing exhibitors from the mining, exploration and service sectors.

The Forum, the most important event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, was the brainchild of the late Geoffrey J. Stokes. A delegation of 150 back in 1992 has now reached a record high of 1700 for the three-day and three-night event. The Forum has developed into an enduring mining industry event, thanks in no small part to the support of industry leaders worldwide.

website: http://www.diggersndealers.com.au/

skimpies diggers and dealers skimpy bar

Skimpy bars at Kalgoorlie

The first speaker is an interesting choice this  year , he is known more popularly as “Mr Doom” . His name is  Nouriel Roubini and he is famous for his prediction of the crash.

It will be interesting to see which companies  get the investors  to splash their cash on them  and which will fail . They will be many a  stock price surge  for a few lucky companies who successfully spruik themselves.

Restaurant lists for the Diggers and dealers event – > Restaurants

The Fees  for the diggers dealers events are

Attendance Fee Schedule

Cost inc GST per ticket

Full Delegate Pass
Includes access to the presentation sessions, sponsor marquee, all day catering and 3 evening socials

Limited Delegate Pass
Includes access to all of above except the Wednesday social – Gala Dinner




Download Preliminary Programme 2009

For enquiries please contact:

Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum
PO Box 979, West Perth WA 6872
Telephone:               (61) 8 9481 6440        
Facsimile: (61) 8 9481 6446
Email: suzanne@diggersndealers.com.au

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