Best ASX Stock Portfolio Online for 2021 – Update

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If you’re looking for technical analysis this is not the portfolio you are searching for. Our portfolio works on a simple method – Buy low, sell high.

ASX Portfolio Update for 2021

Welcome to the Australian stock watch _portfolio update 2021. While we have been publishing our buys on the asx markets from 2010 onwards, we haven’t really maintained a yearly profit and loss from our stock trading picks so far.  This year 2021 we are going to change that.

From this year on – we will not only publish our buys but also our sells to realise profits and report on it every financial year. So that you can track our portfolio gains and losses and how we did at the ne of the financial year in June

Our buys and sells on the Australian stock market are normally published on the side bar of this page -> and also on our portfolio page.  In July we will publish our year ending portfolio earnings and value of portfolio and stocks that we are still holding or carrying forward.

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Stock Buys and Sells 2021

At the time of publishing  today EML has taken a nose dive @52%  due to its Ireland operations where its Irish regulated subsidiary, PFS Card Services Ireland Limited (PCSIL), has received correspondence from the Central Bank of Ireland raising significant regulatory concerns (about the payment platform being used for suspicious transactions) S0 this stock that we picked up earlier @ [EML] @2.03 – 2.20

Eml has had a 52 week high of $5.89, it will be hold for now

Sell from our portfolio

Our token sell for this year will be Poinstbet @ 11.58, even though we believe it can do better with a hold.

1000 shares of Poinstbet Holdings [PBH] was picked up on 29/07/2020 for

Bought@ $5.60 x1000 shares= $5,600

Sold @11.58x 1000 shares= $11580 on 19/05/2021

Profit= $5980


Our Buy for May 2021


28572 units today @0.035 for $1000.02


NTU Northern Minerals Limited (NTU) is as an exploration company with the core focus on the construction and operation of a pilot scale project aimed at assessing the technical and economic feasibility of a fullscale commercial operation at its Browns Range Pilot Plant Project

NTU has had a 52 week high of $0.070

For our portfolio we are calculating net profit on sells, not calculating any brokerage.

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