Rudd the recession Buster !!

So we have escaped the dreaded  “R”  Recession word. The impending doom  of recession has been avoided. But does that mean the future is looking really bright , we will have to wait and  see , but definitely the  signs are surely there and  in this sorta climate  if you don’t get in first you will be behind.

So how did we manage to escape the recession , there are many factor that   contributed one was the  ever so popular  bonuses dished out to  all and sundry  by the “Great Rudd” , also in play was the  Low interest rates  by the RBA that  buoyed the property market and kept things going. and thirdly our good Chinese  friends who always want some  sand of our backyards , that kept the mining industry afloat and digging for more.

Kevin Rudd Superman

kevin rudd superman

Keep in mind we also were able to  be less affected  because we do not manufacture anything her much in Australia and  therefore we are not dependent on people buying our products overseas  in recession time.But this same factor might come back one day to bite us , for instance what are we going to do when the gold in the hole finishes , or the iron  ore in the pit  is almost over.

Japan and Germany  long ago went into a recession because  they  were  the leaders in the tech manufacturing industry , but  then they rose to those levels also thanks to that.

Well as long as we can make money from  the sands in our backyards  here in australia, lets be merry and take heart that we  have beaten the recession. tomorrow is just another day and the punters are rubbing their hands in glee.

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