Stock Market Year Ending Sale 2010

Yes it is definitely looking like a bargain on some stocks  and id definitely bringing on the mood of “the year ending sales” that happen during this period of the year.

The  Australian stock market has been down for the past 2 weeks for various different factors like the Euro economies , Greece ,  The tax review in Australia ,  Super profits tax , and stock brokers taking in profits selling out parcels of shares  before they head out for thier  annual end of financial year holiday  to some exotic location.


The big corporations  and  companies have  brought their fight out in the open with the new super profit tax  , by shelving projects  and trying to get shareholders  and company workers to oppose the  Tax.  Kevin Rudd does not look like he is  step down on his  tax stance and is ready for a fight. Watch this space  as more unfolds.

Coming back to the market currently , i don’t see no reason why the australian market has been getting the jitters and rightfully should be performing well given our strong economy and  potential  from growing economies like china and India.

Given that this  is just short term  downtrend in the market , it is full of bargains  and the  current blue chip stocks an penny hopefuls are definitely looking like bargains at a “Year ending sale” or “Financial year  stock take sale”

Some stock picks that  looks like bargains at the moment or looks like a  “STOCK MARKET YEAR ENDING SALE” 

Stocks given below  can possibly dip a bit further down or then just   rise from here onwards .. but then its  all up to timing the market “ which no one can do or guarantee, but these stocks are already looking good at the current prices today , so if you can get it cheaper,.Good luck to you.


Blue chips:

as of May 20 , 2010

BHP Billiton ( BHP ) $36.46 Today

ANZ BANK ( ANZ) $20.63 Today

Atlas iron ( AGO) $1.86 Today

NAB BANK ( NAB) $23.25 Today

RIO TINTO ( RIO) $62.10 Today

Leighton Holdings (LEI) $31.65 Today

FORTESCUE Metal group (FMG) $ 3.53 Today

Penny Hopefuls Today :

Macmohan ( MAH ) $0.51

Whitehaven Coal ( WHC) $4.36

Blue Energy (BUL) $0.175

Golden Gate petroleum (GGP)$0.025

Coppermoly ( COY) $0.093

Hill End gold ( HEG) $0.130

Austex oil Ltd ( AOK ) $0.135

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