Lazy way to make cash online from credit crisis

Turn on the TV and you’ll be lucky if you don’t see a story on the big Global Financial Crisis. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that there are a lot of people out there interested in what is happening globally, and how the financial crisis is directly going to affect them.

A quick review of Google Trends shows that the number of people searching for information relating to the ‘financial crisis’ or ‘global financial crisis’ has increased dramatically in the last month.

So, we know this crisis stuff is big news, but how can you turn the global financial crisis business to your advantage? Here are some simple steps you can use to turn the financial crisis to your advantage.

Step One: Write, write and write more
We know that people are looking for information on what is happening. This is your chance to give the people what they want. Start writing articles and blog posts relating to the financial crisis and how it affects the average human. Break it down into terms people understand. Write a top 10 tips to beating the financial crisis post and get it out there quick.
One of the keys here, is to make sure you come up with a snappy headline. You can’t go wrong with the ‘ten tips…’ thing, or the tried and true ‘How to…’ headline, but sometimes you’re far better off going with something snappy and original.
Step Two:
You’ve written a butt load of original content (original is the key). Now you have to figure out how to turn that into cash. A good starting point would be to review financial products through australian affiliate programs, such as Commission Monster and clix galore , and  google adsense  start plugging them to your target traffic. My preference would be Either  commission monster  and the reliable google adsense , but dont be afraid to try new affilates.With all the talk about stock markets and property booms going down the toilet, no doubt there are plenty of people out there thinking now is a good time to invest. It stands to reason that there are a few stock market virgins out there viewing this as a massive opportunity, they are going to be looking for information and advice. If they have the cash to invest, there’s no harm in pointing them toward any number of products that might help them along the way. Making U Richer anyone?

Commisiion monster affilate programFinancial based keywords are also fairly solid performers when it comes to Adsense, so whacking up a few ad blocks should help turn over some coin also. 
Website :
If you want to make some cash with your blog, you should start considering yourself to be a member of the service industry! Find out what people want, serve them up what they want, and offer them targeted ads, products or services.
Let’s look at it another way, cause sometimes I get carried away and stop making sense. Here’s the only MakingMoney Online tip you will ever need to know.

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